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      Drive brand awareness and conversions

      Reach the right developers, with the right message, and with the right ad experience.

      Banner advertising

      Digital banners on both desktop and mobile web, sold on a CPM basis.

      Banner locations on Stack Overflow
      Targeting options include topic tags, geography, company size or industry.

      Content distribution - Direct-to-Developers

      Digital banners on desktop that link developers directly to your technical content, sold on a CPC basis.

      Requires more than 200 pieces of content.

      Banner locations on Stack Overflow
      Precisely match your content to questions on Stack Overflow. See how Twilio is getting developers’ attention the right way.

      Advertising metrics

      Developers research products and services on their own. Which means they may not click on your ad but they have seen your message and want to learn more.

      Measuring performance of your advertising on Stack Overflow

      Place a Stack Overflow conversion pixel on your website or post-conversion page.

      Seeing an ad on Stack Overflow influences developers to search out more information on their own; on average, 83% of conversions from advertising on Stack Overflow happen without a click.

      For every conversion that came from a click on an ad, 65 more conversions came from seeing an ad on Stack Overflow.

      Acceptable advertising and advertisers

      We believe advertising should enhance the Stack Overflow site experience. So we limit the advertising and advertisers that are able to run campaigns.

      Types of Advertisers

      We only run advertising campaigns with advertisers who have a product or service that developers could use when they are coding. This ensures advertising is relevant for our users.

      Advertisers must spend a minimum of $15,000 for one month or $10,000 for three months in order to run a campaign on Stack Overflow. This ensures that our users are seeing products or services from trusted companies.

      Find out more about types of advertising we run on Stack Overflow.

      Is Stack Overflow Advertising a good fit for your goals?

      Download our media kit, look at our creative guidelines, and list of creative recommendations for more details.

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