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      Collaboration without the distractions

      Let’s face it, digital collaboration is different. Help your team find the information they need to stay on track, meet launch deadlines, and drive innovation.

      Used by thousands of organizations around the globe


      See for yourself how it works

      Explore Teams

      Ask a question in Your Team

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      Select team members who you think might know the answer.

      Sometimes our answer for a customer is locked and loaded, sometimes it’s more experimental. To be able to get that disseminated across my team without having to do a synchronous video call each time, that’s a big advantage.

      The ticket to knowledge transparency

      42% of institutional knowledge is unique to the individual. That’s why capturing expertise knowledge is critical in helping your organization solve problems faster.

      A lockdown we can get behind

      Enterprise is hosted on a dedicated instance in the cloud, or on your premises. So your information’s safe from prying eyes.

      More about security
      SSO - SAML, AD (Business & Enterprise only)
      SCIM provisioning (Business & Enterprise only)
      Support Privacy Shield & GDPR
      SOC 2 Type I and Types II Reports

      Ensure your business stays on course

      With more distributed teams, you need a tool that allows for asynchronous collaboration. Contribute knowledge proactively and reactively with our different knowledge sharing methods including Q&A and Articles.

      More about Articles
      Articles with historical context or company-wide policies

      Save time with a streamlined workflow

      Time to market is key. We work alongside your existing tools and systems while offering single sign on for fast and secure access. We empower your team to do their best work in the most efficient way possible.

      Show all Integrations
      What integrations can we use?

      Access a helping hand

      We offer tailored knowledge management services to help you thrive. Priority customer support is included, and additional onboarding help or around the clock support is available to ensure your success.

      Support offerings


      Private knowledge base for teams

      $6 USD $7 USD
      per teammate / month
      Free 30 day trial
      ChatOps integrations - Slack & Microsoft Teams
      Your own private space hosted on www.inzestfick.com
      Fully searchable archive


      Private knowledge base with SSO and premium features

      $12 USD
      per teammate / month
      Long-form knowledge with Articles
      Additional integrations — ChatOps, Jira, GitHub & Okta
      Group content together into Collections
      Single sign-on (SSO) with SAML
      Reporting and analytics
      Priority customer support
      99.5% uptime


      Standalone knowledge base with enhanced security and flexible hosting

      Custom pricing
      Let’s talk about what you need
      Premium features of Business plus...
      ChatOps, Jira, GitHub & Okta integrations
      Unlimited Teams within your instance
      Single sign-on with AD or SAML
      Flexible hosting options — cloud or on-premises
      Robust read and write API
      Your own customer success and community building representative
      99.5% uptime SLA and priority support
      Check out our full comparison guide.