I have a google spreadsheet that includes a couple of sheets that are dynamically maintained from a variety of sources. Call them Dynamic_data1 and Dynamic_data2.

For each of these dynamic sheets there is a companion static sheet. Let's call them Static_data1 and Static_data2.

I have a periodic need do the following for these two pairs of sheets, which I have been doing manually:

  1. Delete the entire contents of Static_data1
  2. Copy the entire contents of Dynamic_data1
  3. "paste special/paste values only" the values from Dynamic_data1 into Static_data1

Then repeat the process for Dynamic_data2/Static_data2

It's always the whole sheet, regardless of the number of rows or columns present.

Doing this manually works fine, but I find I have the need to automate it. I've done a little scripting, not much, so I am no expert.

I can't help but think this should be a simple job for a script. However, my inept googling has not located something I can adapt. I'd be grateful for advice.


Try something like this:

function copyAll() {
  const ss=SpreadsheetApp.getActive();//Spreadsheet with spreadsheet id's
  const sh=ss.getSheetByName('FromToList');//sheet with spreadsheet id's
  const idA=sh.getRange(2,1,sh.getLastRow()-1,sh.getLastColumn()).getValues().map((r)=>{
    return {from:r[0],to:r[1]};//FromToList is a sheet with from id's in columnA and to id's in columnB
  });//tested down to here the rest is up to you.  I recommend not unleashing this on real spreadsheets until after you have thoroughly tested it.
    let fss=SpreadsheetApp.openById(obj.from);//from Spreadsheet
    let fshts=fss.getSheets();//from sheets
    let tss=SpreadsheetApp.openById(obj.to);//to Spreadsheet
    let tshts=tss.getSheets();//to sheets
      fsh.copyTo(tss);//copy all from sheets to to spreadsheet
      tss.deleteSheet(tsh);//delete all original to sheets in to spreadsheet

Note: function has not be tested

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