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      Companies around the world rely on Stack Overflow

      When developers have a coding problem, they head to Stack Overflow. And so do companies looking for talent.

      Since 2008, we've been serving the tech community.
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      beamery logo

      How to attract the talent to build a talent operating system in the competitive London tech scene.

      HR services, CRM, SaaS
      51-200 employees
      United States, United Kingdom
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      devigus logo

      At this small Swiss software shop, every open position to backfill puts pressure on the team. Until the son of the founder steps in for a recruiting sprint.

      Software development, B2B
      11-50 employees
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      becode logo

      The coding school providing 7-months inclusive bootcamps needed one thing urgently: teachers.

      Software development, B2B
      11-50 employees
      View case study
      tails logo

      When every candidate wants the job and an intensive, resource-heavy interview process is involved, Tails.com needs to make sure every candidate is worth it.

      eCommerce, B2C
      51-200 employees
      United Kingdom
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      rodeo logo

      After coming on board to bring engineering in-house, the CTO of project management startup, Rodeo, had to build a team of talent from zero with some crucial criteria to meet.

      Creative services, Software
      11-50 employees
      View case study
      clevertech logo

      How Clevertech turns working in the shadow of big tech giants into a strength and finds their fully remote team on Stack Overflow.

      Software development
      51-200 employees
      View case study
      backbase logo

      Backbase transforms into a global company.

      Software development
      501-1000 employees
      View case study
      the-washington-post logo

      The Washington Post evolves into one of the most innovative technology companies in the world.

      Media, Publishing
      1001-5000 employees
      United States
      View case study
      just-eat logo

      How does one of the fastest growing online food services hire specialist Engineers?

      201-500 employees
      United Kingdom
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      catawiki logo

      As one of Europe’s fastest growing tech companies the Dutch online auctioning platform, Catawiki, constantly needs new talents

      eCommerce, C2C
      501-1000 employees
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      firstblood logo

      FirstBlood is an Esports and gaming company that builds products for over 300,000 gamers across the globe.

      11-50 employees
      View case study
      mimecast logo

      This cybersecurity player needs to compete for the best talent in the market. Read how they reach them with an authentic engineering brand and a presence on Stack Overflow.

      1k–5k employees
      View case study

      We’re supporting global & local companies that rely on knowledgeable developers.

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      What our partner say about Stack Overflow Talent

      By virtue of being on Stack Overflow you are immediately seen as a trusted employer by developers.
      James Lesner
      Senior Recruitment Manager, Catawiki
      We’re thrilled with the people that we’ve hired from Stack Overflow so far.
      Anna Brandt
      Global Manager of Recruitment for Backbase
      Stack Overflow Talent is a really cool platform and it allows you to be really specific about how you want to hire and how you want to advertise your business.
      Adam Rabinovitch
      Global Technical Recruiting Lead and Evangelist at Beamery
      The ability to select locations, to search for people who are going to work better with a client that happens to be in Europe, that’s really helpful.
      Kuty Shalev
      CEO, Clevertech
      When we tested Stack Overflow Talent for the first time, we were blown away by the number of quality candidates we found.
      Austin Graff
      Talent Marketing and Brand Specialist at The Washington Post
      If I were to think up a candidate search perfect for developers, the candidate search is how I would do it. Stack Overflow Talent was the first. And after three hires, the last recruiting solution I tried.
      Enrico Mayor
      Stack Overflow is helping us scale up our tech team by finding both seasoned veterans and junior engineers looking to develop their careers, all this at a fraction of the cost a traditional recruiting firm would charge.
      Ofer Idan
      CTO, Carbon Relay

      We’re experts in developer and technologist hiring

      Our solutions work best for companies and recruiters who have long term hiring or employer branding needs.

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