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      Streamline your workflows with our GitHub integration

      Build transparency and collaboration through knowledge transfer between the tools your team uses the most.

      Install GitHub integration
      Illustration of the GitHub integration

      Level-up discovery mode

      To build great products, you need great discovery. Sometimes that means looking at old code or projects that never made it out the door to learn and evolve. Being able to find answers to questions on specific PRs, Gists and Commits, you’ll spend less time digging and more time building.

      Ensure key learnings are discoverable

      Post-mortems are inevitable and the best way to ensure that history doesn’t repeat itself is to make the information discoverable. By sharing key learnings with reference to specific code and projects in GitHub, your teams (even in years to come) can avoid the same mistakes.

      Talk to one of our experts to learn more

      Available with our Business and Enterprise plans.

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