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      Streamline authentication and login with our Okta Integration

      With our out-of-the box integration, Admins of Business and Enterprise tiers can easily manage users and security policies.

      Install Okta integration
      Illustration of the Okta integration

      Hello, Okta

      Create an easy and secure login experience, every time.

      SAML single sign-on is available with our Business and Enterprise tiers of Stack Overflow for Teams.

      Save time with centralized provisioning

      Free up your IT resources but using existing user permissions with Stack Overflow for Teams.

      Keep passwords to a minimum

      Connect our Business and Enterprise tiers of Stack Overflow for Teams with Okta to enable SAML single sign-on.

      Meet higher security standards

      Ensure secure access for all users with two-factor authentication via Okta Verify OTP.

      Reduce the workload for Admins

      Adding and removing users for your Stack Overflow for Teams instance is handled via SSO and Okta integration